SFYN Podcast

Our food chain is full of confusing layers, and our food is produced and handled by people you will most likely never meet – but not anymore, thanks to the SFYN Podcast! Walking side by side with one of our activists around the world in each episode, we hope to lead you to a better understanding of where good, clean and fair food comes from, plus who produces it. We will also hear stories of indigenous culture and knowledge, which can inspire us to think in a different way. With this podcast, we want to provide a stage for the people whose voices are often not taken into consideration in the conversations around food.
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SFYN Masterclass

Starting from the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns, the masterclass initiative aims at sharing the rich and varied knowledge found within our network. The workshop topics range from making homemade vinegar to understanding the politics of food, all carried out through a dynamic instagram live stream. We have also combined experts on a particular topic from around the world for a combined, all-day festival, covering everything from bread to cocktails.