SFYN Academies

The challenges we face today are immense – from climate change and resource depletion to mass hunger and social inequalities – yet one subject touches all of them: food. SFYN Academies, which operate in multiple continents, bring together young food leaders from different backgrounds to address these challenges. The educational content of each one is adapted to local needs and challenges, but they all share one goal: to build future food leaders who are prepared for the challenges ahead, equipped with the ability to question the status quo and provide convincing, viable alternatives.

SFYN Food Pioneers

By directly influencing consumers, suppliers and producers, food products can affect tangible change in food systems – especially innovative products. That’s the idea behind SFYN Food Pioneers, which brings together interviews, stories and anecdotes collected from successful young food entrepreneurs. The hope is that these can show other budding pioneers that they are not alone, providing concrete advice about how to get your idea over the line at the same time.

SFYN Summer Schools

What does “Good, Clean, and Fair” look like in practice? Our Summer Schools provide participants with the opportunity to find out. Each one dives deep into the issues and production of a particular food in a particular region. SFYN Summer Schools combine theoretical analysis with field visits and practical applications, allowing participants to better understand direct implications of foods on people and places.

SFYNxLibera camp

From human trafficking and forced labor to conterfeiting goods and smuggling illegal pesticides, organized crime is too often behind the scenes of food supply. For this reason, SFYN decided to partner with Libera, an association against organized crime in Italy. Together, they organised the SFYNxLibera Camp, whose focus was not only to focus on the negative aspects of criminality, but also on the positive examples of anti-mafia activities. Following this camp, members of SFYN Italy launched a campaign against modern slavery in agriculture that has since gained national attention.


Building Future Food Leaders Programme

This programme supports emerging change-makers who are actively working towards a sustainable food system in their local context. SFYN is a diverse global network, which makes it a platform for young food leaders and innovators from all over the world to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another to enhance the impact of their own work. From courses to events, we provide a body of learning and leadership activities designed for diverse audiences, linked to specific aspirations and contexts, in order to address the complex challenges in our food systems worldwide.

SFYN Bachelor programme

The food we eat says a lot about who we are, including our cultural background and the physical or social characteristics of the places we live. For centuries, for example, Europe’s geographical and climatic diversity has created great variety in food products and production methods across the continent. Our European Food Business degree programme, in collaboration with Aeres University of Applied Sciences, delves into studying and understanding this richness and diversity, through hands-on, grassroots learning experiences in multiple European countries.