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Disco Soup meets design!

🖋 Valentina 📅 April 23, 2024

For this year’s World Disco Soup Day edition, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Costanza Thom: the graphic designer behind our brand new animation. Let’s meet Costanza and learn more about how she came up with this work of art!

“Hello! I’m Costanza Thom, the graphic designers and illustrator behind this animation. This video has  been a collaboration between myself and the Slow Food Youth Network mediated by the amazing  Valentina Gritti to promote this year’s World Disco Soup Day. Since this is a world-wide event to  which anyone can contribute, the aim of the animation was to properly represent the cultural variety  of the SFYN community. This was achieved by inserting fruit and vegetables from all around the  globe, as well as by using many different photos of previous WDSD participants to represent the  contribution that so many people gave in past years. 

Much like how the meals for WDSD are born, this animation was prepared by mixing a great variety of art mediums, or “ingredients”. Among these there are painting (with watercolours and acrylics),  collage and digital illustration, which were then all merged in a single video through animation  software. The collage in particular was used to compose the fruit and vegetables, which not only  served, as previously mentioned, to represent the global Disco Soup community, but also contributed to a varied, bright and joyful colour palette. 

Another major component of the video is obviously the music, after all it still is for a disco event!  While working on it, I was searching for a song that would match and complement the cheerful tone  and colours of the visuals, as well as their fast pace. I found the perfect fit in Una Casita by the band  Son de Aquí, born in Mexico City but based in Rotterdam. This song works really well as it combines  different musical styles such as the Colombian chandé and currulao. 

Working on this animation was truly a wonderful opportunity! I got to explore the world of animation and that of food waste all at once and create something for a good cause. I’m hoping to see many  people participate in World Disco Soup Day on April 27th!”