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Meet the community: SFYN for the agroecological gardens in Bamako

🖋 Valentina 📅 January 26, 2022

A special Slow Food Garden

We would like to introduce you to the new SFYN community founded by Sagara Mamoudou and Adama Thiam: SFYN for the agroecological gardens in Bamako. 

The community has created a school garden in Sirakoro, in collaboration with the children, parents and citizens of Sirakoro. 

The idea: the school garden promotes Slow Food principles in a practical way. They have planted 60 trees on the way to the school and grow vegetables and herbs in the garden. 

Mohamed Diabaté, 15, a student in the 9th grade says: I work regularly at the school garden with the director and my classmates. We are learning a lot with him and thanks to Slow Food about how to make boards, seed, reproduce the seeds and how to water…

Find out more about the garden in this video!

By Adama Thiam Directeur de l’école fondamentale de Sirakoro – Dounfing, Bamako Commune 3.

For further information contact:
What’s App: + 223-72690218.
Émail :

Special thanks:
Boureima Sissoko responsible of the school;
Ibrahim Tounkara president Slow Food Mali;
Assitant, partner Soumaré;
NGO Mali-Hilfe partner.