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Join #FlashCOP: uniting for climate action!

🖋 Elena Lucchiari 📅 September 7, 2023

What is COP?

COP (Conference of Parties) is a series of United Nations climate change conferences, which have been running since 1995 to review the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), an international treaty which acknowledges the existence of anthropogenic climate change and provides the framework for climate change negotiations. COP meetings primarily revolve around negotiations and debates with the overarching goal of limiting climate change. 

Our concerns

In the past, climate conferences have not been as smooth sailing as people wished it to be, starting from the rules and sponsors favoured by the hosting country. And faith in these conferences has been steadily crumbling. This year’s COP, taking place from November 30th to December 12th,  has been considered to be even more controversial. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been selected as hosting country for COP28, and Dr. Sultan Al-Jaber, the CEO of an oil company called Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), will be the conference’s president. Not everybody thinks it is right for someone who leads an oil company to also be in charge of a conference about climate change. Fossil fuel companies are often seen as the main contributors to climate change, and there may be a conflict of interest. 

Another contradiction lies in the fact that the country plans to expand its oil and gas production capacity with a $150 billion investment while also committing to reaching net-zero carbon emissions. As a result, civil society is worried that the UAE’s oil and gas interest may affect the conference’s agenda hindering progress on necessary climate actions and not achieve the needed change. How can someone leading an oil company lead a climate change conference?

November 25th: Save the date & join!

SFYN is developing a new campaign called #FlashCOP which is planned to be held on the 25th of November, in the run-up to COP28. We invite everyone from all over the world to participate and use this moment to come together, reflect on the urgency to take responsibility to tackle the climate crisis, bring COP closer to home and change our own circle of influence.  SFYN’s campaign is not here just to educate youth, but to empower and inspire individuals in the collective battle against the climate crisis, highlighting the role of our food system as a solution.

By mobilising and training youth to make the wider audience aware of the solutions and opportunities in this battle, we want to give youth globally the space and tools to change their climate related habits, but above all get politically engaged around the local climate agenda. We are sending a message to (local) decision makers: civil society is stepping up, and you should too. 

We will set climate tables right in front of iconic landmarks in major cities and rural areas around the world to bridge the gap and bring the essence of COP closer to home. The aim of #FlashCOP is to be visible in the streets, igniting accessible conversations about the climate crisis,  and actively engaging the public in efforts to combat it. Moreover, we are planning to make climate demands to local policy makers by promoting best practices to local governments, and hold them accountable for their role in this crucial battle. 

Get involved!

If you believe, like us, that it’s time to act, join #FlashCOP! Fill out the form and be part of the movement. Together, we can make a difference and demand the climate action our world needs.