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Slow Food Youth Network At Terra Madre

🖋 SFYN 📅 October 6, 2020

Terra Madre is about to start and we are super excited for this special moment. The Slow Food Youth Network are organizing lots of different events: 


We can’t solve our challenges with the same thinking that created them. We need systemic views, new perspectives and creative approaches. The SFYN Academy provides knowledge on the currently-dominant food system, insight into the alternatives, and helps you to acquire the skills needed to lead the change we need. Diversity is key: we aim to include participants from different backgrounds and disciplines to secure a diverse knowledge exchange. This way, we bring together young, talented and motivated changemakers, to become the leaders we need. The first Online Global SFYN Academy program runs from October 2020 to April 2021, covering six crucial topics regarding the current and future food system.

The program consists of six monthly open lectures and six monthly closed training sessions. Open lectures are accessible to all and include space for questions and discussion; the closed training sessions are available for a selection of 25 promising global youth – from farmers to entrepreneurs and scientists. All activities are online, each meeting lasts approximately two hours, every Friday at 3pm Italian time. Register now!


To kick off Terra Madre, the Slow Food Youth Network is organizing a fun event that allows us to be connect over distance with one of the first public screenings of the “Heartwood”, an inspirational documentary made by a group of youths from our network. The streaming will take place on Sunday 18th of October at 9 PM CET on the Slow Food Youth Network YouTube channel. Before sharing the movie, at 8.30 PM CET, we will listen to the movie producers and representatives of the communities present in the movie! This will be broadcast on the Slow Food Youth Network and Slow Food International Facebook pages. Watch the trailer here.


SFYN gRoundtable Istanbul is organizing an early-doors international SFYN festival: a breakfast festival! The online event will start on Monday 19th October, with everyone sharing posts and stories about their traditional breakfasts and will end on Saturday 24th October with a series of international livestreams. For more information get in touch at and if you want to be one of the lucky ones to livestream their special recipe on October 24th, fill in this form


The Slow Food Youth Network Philippines will conduct its first ever We Feed the Planet event to celebrate Terra Madre from November 21 and 22, 2020 on the Facebook page of the Slow Food Youth Network Philippines. We Feed the Planet Philippines is a union of young farmers, youth food advocates, chefs, gastronomes and individuals that promote sustainable lifestyle through good, fair and clean food. They do this at the local level and aim to encourage everyone to reinforce Slow Food principles in the midst of this global pandemic.


During Terra Madre the SFYN Podcast will explore six different ecosystems: forests, highlands, arid lands, lowlands, wetlands and urban lands. How does land grabbing affect indigenous communities living in forests? How can fishing be feminist? What’s the role of gastronomy in preserving biodiversity? And much more. Subscribe to the SFYN Podcast: you can find it on Spotify, iTunesGoogle podcasts and online. To have access to extra content, you can become a Patreon of the Slow Food Youth Network!


Another awesome grassroots initiative from our network in Bogotá, Colombia. The course is made up of six modules, and will last a total of six weeks, starting in January 2021, in order to respond to our needs in the context of climate change, pandemics, socio-environmental and political crises through practical tools for contextualizing agri-food systems at different scales. We also aim to incorporate the visions and experiences of grassroots organizations in the construction of short chain commerce to bring consumers and producers closer together. We will look at different aspects of organizational strengthening in the development of short chains, for example, decision-making strategies, mediation and negotiation tools, the role of networks and alliances, marketing and communication strategies as well as self-management for conscious consumption. More info in Spanish here.