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Thirsty for knowledge? Join SFYN for its first online Drink festival!

🖋 SFYN 📅 July 31, 2020

Following the success of SFYN Bread Festival, on Saturday 1st August Slow Food Youth Network is hosting an online event dedicated to getting to know different types of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from all over the world. You don’t want to miss it!

Due to Covid-19 and lockdown, Slow Food Youth Network has had to find alternative ways to organize insightful and inspiring events for its members and larger following. It was in this context that the idea of a virtual festival came about. On May 30th, 2020, the first SFYN Bread Festival took place, bringing together young bakers and bread-aficionados from all over the world to showcase their traditional recipes and share their expertise.

A full day of Instagram lives allowed everyone worldwide to have the chance to listen and try, hands-on, to recreate a wide range of delicious bakery products in their own kitchens. To name a few examples, Nazareno talked about the chemistry behind bread-making, Raina showed us how to make a typical Indian flatbread called Lachi and Wara Iris introduced us to Bolivian Marraqueta.

This time, for the second edition of the festival, the focus will be on drinks! Drinking is and has always been a social act, something that creates a sense of community and brings people together. Certain beverages, such as Mexican Mezcal, Russian Kvass, or Scottish Whiskey, have become true symbols of national identities. Others have rituals and celebrations attached to them or tend to define specific occasions. If you look to the Western world, for instance, I’d say that a birthday party is not complete before popping a bottle of sparkling wine!

The list of drinks that exist and are enjoyed all over the world is extensive and SFYN thought that it was time to exhibit some of this incredible variety. Following the same format as the Bread Festival, on Saturday 1st August young SFYNers from all around the globe will share tips and techniques for several different drinks, from innovative cocktails to craft beer, all the way to other fermented beverages.

The live streams will be 30 minutes long and will take place on the Instagram profiles of the participants. The full list will be announced soon on Slow Food Youth Network social media accounts, so keep your eyes peeled and clear your schedule for the day… You don’t want to miss this!